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Sparkle Squad

Franchise Profile

  • Total Investment: $133,767 - $146,667
  • Cash Investment: $60,000
  • Business Type: Franchise
  • In Business Since : 2023
  • Training & Support: Yes

Sparkle Squad

We have developed service model with three components that no one in the industry can compete with:

  • Our JOB POD technology allows us to accomplish something that no one else in the industry can do: we can wash windows in half of the time of anyone else out in the market. If you picture a standard home, there will be roughly 8 windows on the second story that will need cleaning. With traditional methods a window cleaner will need to set up their ladder, Climb the ladder, Wash the window by hand, climb down the ladder, move it to the next window and climb the ladder again to repeat the process. As you can imagine this process is very labor intensive, time consuming and ultimately unsafe.
    For comparison's sake that same process for an Sparkle Squad window cleaner looks like this:
    They unpack and setup the Job Pod, extend their water fed pole and begin work. They scrub and rinse the window with 0 parts per million pure water to insure there are no spots or streaks when the window dries then they simply walk to the next window and repeat the process until all the windows have been cleaned. By cutting out the need for ladders and “nose to glass” hand cleaning we have doubled the efficiency of our window cleaners while making a safer work environment for our technicians in the field. Both approaches ultimately end with the same result, a clean window, but as you can imagine, the Sparkle Squad System allows for far more daily output per technician.

  • Because we can clean windows 2x faster, this allows us to execute on the 2nd component of our service model:
    We can offer our service at a price point that very few can compete with and a guaranteed service level. This means we get more of the business, but more interesting is the type of new business we acquire.
    Through our efficiency and flat rate pricing we have been able to tap into a brand-new type of client: the person who had never considered getting windows cleaned before. This person was resigned to live with dirty windows due to the cost vs value of traditional window cleaning being out of their spending budget for home services. Now that they can get their exterior windows cleaned affordably, they are able to take a tedious chore off their list while feeling good about the cost balance of getting the service done. This is a blue ocean customer who no other window cleaning providers area able to service.

  • The last part of our service model is focused on how we execute the business – we have automated the big, key aspects of running a window cleaning business. We have trained experts in the clutch positions to drive success.


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