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American Recruiters

Franchise Profile

  • Total Investment: $75,000 - $125,000
  • Cash Investment: $50,000
  • Business Type: Franchise
  • In Business Since : 1982
  • Training & Support: Yes

American Recruiters

About American Recruiters:
Founded in 1982, our success and reputation for providing quality results has continued to build year after year, along with our commitment to keep getting #Better at what we do for our Clients. Only a select number of search firms have our tenure, experience and success in the recruiting business. We are a uniquely skilled, national recruiting firm that selectively partners and works side-by-side with businesses to deliver superior levels of talented professionals in select
specialty areas. Refusing to hire mediocre talent, our Clients depend on us to create strategic people partnerships — on purpose!
Our Unique Selling Proposition:
Why start your new recruiting business from scratch when you don’t have to?
American Recruiters is the “smart” choice in selecting a recruiting franchise. Here’s why . . .
We are the only franchisor in recruiting that shares our long-standing database of client companies, job openings and candidates with all of our franchise locations. All the best training in the recruiting industry simply cannot top this for new franchisees - - period!
Why pay a substantial initial fee merely to use a franchisor’s name and service marks? At American Recruiters, your initial fee puts you right to work with the rest of our team making placements much sooner than starting from scratch! Our database of qualified companies, positions and candidates contain select national and local contracts with employers! This saves years of painstakingly building a database on your own along with considerable expense. Take
advantage of this unique benefit while building your new business.
Many competitors offer good training too. However, right out of the gate along with our training, American Recruiters offers the best and quickest way to begin making placements. We make it easy in making a “smart” choice!
What to Expect:
• Recruiting in healthcare is more recession-resistant, unlike many other job market segments.
• No inventory or industrial equipment to buy. All you need is a computer, smartphone and printer.
• Work from just about anywhere!
• Use state of the art technology
• All the support you need from our corporate development team.

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